Compatibilism is supported by deep intuitions about responsibility and control. It can also feel "obviously" wrong and absurd. Slavoj Žižek's commentary…
In a pair of battling Jacobin articles, Christoph Schuringa argues that analytic philosophy is intellectually narrow and deeply tied to anti-communist…
Sam Harris has done a lot to promote strident skepticism about free will and moral responsibility. His arguments don't stand up to scrutiny.
Peterson loves to score culture-war points by bashing atheists, but the closer you look at his own religious views--and his version of pragmatism about…
Here's why you should find the challenge the paradoxes pose to classical logic philosophically interesting--even if you're the kind of person whose eyes…
I don't agree with my friend Slavoj Žižek about everything but he's an insightful thinker. I have nothing but contempt for attempts to denounce him as a…
The Marxist philosopher G.A. Cohen is often understood as criticizing John Rawls's theory of justice "from the left." Let's take a closer look.
A deep dive on David Hume's essays on suicide and the afterlife
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Philosophy for the People w/Ben Burgis